Day 1 on!

So I thought it could be great fun having my own blog.

My plans with it?

Well, to tell about my daily life (and don’t expect anything too exiting as I’m mostly at home!).

I have been given a disability pension starting from December 2010.

After I have been “given” this pension I have to “re-invent” my life, if you know what I mean…   😉

I’d like to share my thoughts and views on life in general.

By dinadot Posted in Diary

2 comments on “Day 1 on!

  1. Hi Elisabeth,
    How nice that you have a blog aswell 🙂 I don’t fill my blog with interesting stuff either…just my life :p I’m adding your blog to my Blogroll so I can keep track on it. I might not read it everyday though, I’m a bit bad at doing that, but I will try to follow your posts once you’ve written something!

    Take care!

    • Hi Linda,
      Like you I’m not good at reading every day either – but nice to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well 🙂
      I have tried Netlog as well, but not much is going on there – and I don’t like their methods to recruit new members.

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