Day 2 on

Hello again!

Today I’m having problems with Facebook. My default setting is https and it won’t let me change it.

I’m not able to say “like”  or comment on anything and I can’t enter my apps – they can’t be used in the https mode. Usually I can switch over very easily, but not today. Guess it will be a day totally without Facebook.  Well, that was a needed change, anyway  😉

Sofar I have used my day going downtown to Vejle. I had to go to the hospital to have a blood sample taken. I do that weekly because I get some medication to make my blood thinner. The reason for this is that I had clots in my lungs earlier this year.

Afterwards I went to the book store to buy a “Children’s Book” for my daughter and her boyfriend who have just got a little baby girl on the 12th of June! We are going to visit them on Friday – I’m looking forward to that!

So now I’m a Grandmother  🙂

I like the title – and I also hope I can be a GOOD Grandmother!

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