Reinventing myself…

Since I was given a pension last year (because of health issues) it has been like losing my purpose in life.  Obviously, no one needs me to carry out any kind of job – I just receive a small amount of money which is put into my account every month.

Maybe I should just be happy about it? Others have to work while I can spend my days exactly as I please. But believe me, it’s not a good feeling! I have felt useless. Somehow I guess all human beings want to be of use to society. It’s deeply rooted in us  – even if it is just a consequence of our upbringing?

Anyway, my life has felt very empty for the past year. I feel like I have to reinvent myself – and get a life again. A completely different life – but a LIFE…

Then the other day, I went to a course with the topic of taking responsibility for your own life. I “complained” about being unable to find a purpose with my life – but I was “corrected”. I was told that it was OK for me just to enjoy life and BE myself.

It put a lot of my thoughts into a new perspective. Yes, of course, it is all right just to be ME and enjoy life as it is.  

A new realisation has dawned upon me…



By dinadot Posted in Diary

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