Reinventing myself…

Since I was given a pension last year (because of health issues) it has been like losing my purpose in life.  Obviously, no one needs me to carry out any kind of job – I just receive a small amount of money which is put into my account every month.

Maybe I should just be happy about it? Others have to work while I can spend my days exactly as I please. But believe me, it’s not a good feeling! I have felt useless. Somehow I guess all human beings want to be of use to society. It’s deeply rooted in us  – even if it is just a consequence of our upbringing?

Anyway, my life has felt very empty for the past year. I feel like I have to reinvent myself – and get a life again. A completely different life – but a LIFE…

Then the other day, I went to a course with the topic of taking responsibility for your own life. I “complained” about being unable to find a purpose with my life – but I was “corrected”. I was told that it was OK for me just to enjoy life and BE myself.

It put a lot of my thoughts into a new perspective. Yes, of course, it is all right just to be ME and enjoy life as it is.  

A new realisation has dawned upon me…



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Day 2 on

Hello again!

Today I’m having problems with Facebook. My default setting is https and it won’t let me change it.

I’m not able to say “like”  or comment on anything and I can’t enter my apps – they can’t be used in the https mode. Usually I can switch over very easily, but not today. Guess it will be a day totally without Facebook.  Well, that was a needed change, anyway  😉

Sofar I have used my day going downtown to Vejle. I had to go to the hospital to have a blood sample taken. I do that weekly because I get some medication to make my blood thinner. The reason for this is that I had clots in my lungs earlier this year.

Afterwards I went to the book store to buy a “Children’s Book” for my daughter and her boyfriend who have just got a little baby girl on the 12th of June! We are going to visit them on Friday – I’m looking forward to that!

So now I’m a Grandmother  🙂

I like the title – and I also hope I can be a GOOD Grandmother!

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Day 1 on!

So I thought it could be great fun having my own blog.

My plans with it?

Well, to tell about my daily life (and don’t expect anything too exiting as I’m mostly at home!).

I have been given a disability pension starting from December 2010.

After I have been “given” this pension I have to “re-invent” my life, if you know what I mean…   😉

I’d like to share my thoughts and views on life in general.

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